• ૨૬મી જાન્‍યુઆરી પ્રજાસત્‍તાક પર્વ - I

  • ૨૬મી જાન્‍યુઆરી પ્રજાસત્‍તાક પર્વ - II

Welcome To the Sabarkantha Jilla



The Sultan Ahmed I (the first) established Himatnager in 1426 AD to put a control on the political activities of the Rao of Idar. The sultan loved the place so much that it was renamed as Ahmedanagar from the name of the sultan. In 1848 AD, it was again handed over to the kingdom of Idar and got re-christened to its current name Himmatnagar, derived from Himmatsinghji, the ruler of the state in those times. Idar is a beautifully established town located at the foothills of the 500 ft high rocky hill on which the Fort of Idargadh lies.

The construction of the fort was so strong as per those times that its strength has become proverbial.

The general elections of Sabarkantha district panchayat were held on 5/10/05 after the completion of its five years term. The first general meeting of the Sabarkantha district panchayat was held on 9/12/05 wherein Shri Vastabhai Lubabhai Makwana was elected as the president and Shri Ramanbhai Punjabhai Patel was elected as the vice president of the panchayat.



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